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Omega-3-Lecithin Oil

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Essential nutrients for breeding, migration and moulting

Omega-3-Lecithin Oil

Energy oil for optimisation of lipometabolism

Lecithin is one of the most valuable natural active agents and is amongst the fundamental cell components. It is indispensable for constant renewal of all body and nerve cells and engages in different metabolic processes. The more important a cell, fibre or bodily fluid is, the greater the lecithin content. Brain, nerve, sperm, blood, heart and liver cells, milk and before all else, protein (10 % lecithin) contain high lecithin concentrations. In addition, lecithin possesses strong emulsifying characteristics.

The most important components of lecithin are choline and inositol. They prevent adiposis of the liver and the kidneys. Their deficiency leads to liver damage and slowed growth. Choline, together with vitamin C, L carnitin and the hormone ACTH, provides for improved fat burning. Inositol engages in protein metabolism and thus promotes muscle building and optimal feather development. In addition it helps with the distribution of body fat. Omega-3-Lecithin Oil contains a balanced combination of extremely high quality oils that are particularly rich in the essential fatty acids linol and linolenic acid. In addition it contains a balanced proportion of arachidonic acid. It builds the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA that are so important for the lipid metabolism. The pigeon gathers its flight energy from them. Vitamin E (fertility vitamin), which is also included, protects other vitamins from oxidation and works actively on the gonads. It is absolutely recommended to use Omega-3-Lecithin Oil together with Probac Energy or Protein A.P.F. 90 in all phases of strong physical stress, like breeding, migration and moulting. Good general provision of essential nutrients leads to optimal body development during the growth phase of the young animal and thereby also deflects young animal sickness.

Application recommendation:
Wet 1 kg fodder 2 x weekly with 5 ml Omega-3-Lecithin Oil and bind with 5 g Probac Energy or 5 G Protein A.P.F. 90

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